The debate has just finnished! It was a very interesting and many good ideas ! congratulations to all of the partys! But a special congrats to the A-team who is became the winner! Great work ! 











We have just get to learn our poloticans från greenparty and from centerparty! This i very intressing. 

the A-TEAM interview

When we had the interview with the A-tema they were very kind but gave us very short answer so we had to push them to make them more detailed. They were a bit insecure during the interview, but after we saw the conference they had fix the small problems they had ! Great work A-Tema!

what is the founding ideas of your party?

we want to protect the climate and enviroment!


to stop our consumptions, so we dont have to worry about global warming

so how are you gonna make it work?

for instance with our new ways to recycle, we want to have more recycling bans and to be able to recylce at home 

How are you gonna get the money?

we are a party and we have a lot of money.. 
taxes, from non organic food

okey so you want to give ecologic food taxes?

No we wanna make ecologic food cheeper.

What people are you gonna reach first?

everybody! we think its important to make sure everyone understand

Most important vision?

to stop over consumtion! to fix new broken things insed of buying new things.

what is the most important oppinion to all this?

the enviroment, stop the global warming.

why are you the winner?

because we are the only solution? because we WILL make a change, we WILL change the world.

Short press conference resume

It was an interesting press conference where all parties did a great effort. The A-team have a very good enivromental policy and it is obivious that they care about the enivorment. GPoDE was well prepared and had deep answers on most of the questions. The Social justice group impressed us on Jensennews. A good effort, great ideas and visions.

After the press conference the CEO talked with Kulon and Micke Pers over a glas of water. It looks like that the CEO Dennis and the boys in the Social justice group are friends now


Interview no:2

Madelene Sonesson who is the leader of this party number two answered all questions we place extensively with a safety that shows that she wants to win. However , she was very strict with that she was the only one who could talk . The others in the party was sitting and listening and why they tried to talk but they got interrupted by Madelene. It starts to smell dictatorship already ..

We opened the interview by asking ” the green parity of the regulated economies ”:

What basic ideas were for her party ?
we want to make the european central of the world . Europe and the world with new energies That Can Be implomented in a systenimal world to the future generation .

How do you think its gonna work
village create a non – govermental state ask the reguladed , economi state and private comanies and focus on trying to make people invest in comanies. That already created are green That the main focus is the husband a systenible world

Do you have visions anymore ?
one is to be totally self suppling in wind and water energy sorces and overpriced ask the leading union in wind and water power.

How do you gonna get your vision and policy to work ?
we are gonna make this by using a step by step productions of states of ideas to always be one step ahead . The wind and water enegi , sience and the production trying to prioritize the finencial parts of the whole cycle of creating new energy

So how is this gonna be attractive to people?
Because we are gonna create a powerful state That is low on curruption That everyone has a part of it .

What is the more important oppinion according to your team?
To be non govermental of all times . We do not want state interferiens ! specially note in the economi !

So how do you want to get your voice heard between all this team ?
By our strong ways of doing our thing. We are gonna stand out Because we have a vision and ways to get there

is it better to have one or more visions ?
For us one is better to have one with 100% focus on then alot of week That vision are blurry and not really under stood .


After publishing the article about the Social party group, we at Jensennews recieved more threats. Kulon said; “I will fucking murder you” and Micke Pers said “It’s war now”.

We at jensennews just want to declare that it is a bad idea to threat the press. But everything can be forgiven and forgotten. The CEO Dennis said: Two beers is a good offer, that he can not refuse..